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Smudging Herbs

Desert Sage is hand gathered and sun dried on sacred land, this true white'sage is a tradition. Its' abundant smoke can be used for clearing the energy of your aura, crystals and rooms. It is also wonderful for preparing sacred space and sacred time.

Copal Essence is the traditional incense burned by the native peoples of Central and South America. This rich and fragrant smoke can be used for initiations and clearings, before and after healing experiences. Copal is resinous incense and must be burned on a charcoal tablet.

Sweet Grass Braids are hand gathered by native people of Canada. It is traditionally burned while offering prayers of thanksgiving. It is also given away as gifts to the nature spirits and our other teachers.

Cedar and Sage Bundles are long, thick bundles that are individually wrapped and carefully decorated. These are especially helpful for burning to purify intentions or "clear the air," psychically.

Amber is a sweet resin that can be burned on charcoal to release fearful and painful energy. It is often crumbled into massage oil as a healer for the skin or it can be rubbed directly onto the skin as a sweet subtle perfume.

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Smudging is a sacred tradition that has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the world. As a tradition, it has been passed down for millennia and many ways and variations exist. The common thread is that, the smoke from sacred herbs can be used for purification and spiritual preparation.

We can smudge to clear and ground ourselves and our intentions before and after healing, initiation and ritual. The smoke will help purify our crystals and other sacred objects. We can clear rooms and create sacred space. The herbs can also be burned to give thanks and to aid us in our prayers.

There are many ways to actually smudge. One ancient way is to start by drawing on the power of the five elements, by burning your smudging herbs in a shell. An abalone shell represents Water and the flowing and filling power this element offers us. The sacred herb is a gift of Earth and represents her creativity and strength. When we light the herb we are invoking the transmute element of Fire and the smoke that rises represents Air, carrying and releasing our cleared intentions and prayers. Through our deliberate action, we ourselves bring the fifth element: ether or life energy,

Next we offer the smoke to the seven directions: east, south, west, north and up, down and center. Returning to center we are now ready to purify ourselves. Start by holding the shell in front of you and gently fan the smoke up to your heart. Pass the shell up along the center of your body, encircling your head. Be aware of how you feel through out this process. Are there places that you feel a desire to clear and honor? It is important to follow your own inner guidance.

Passing them through the smoke, in a spiraling or a figure eight motion can clear Crystals and other sacred objects. Both are sacred symbolic movements: a spiral represents an ever expanding and focusing energy; a figure eight on its side is the symbol of infinity.

Sacred spaces are created by passing the smoke around the perimeter of the room, moving sunwise: east, south, west, and north.

As with all things this is only one of the ways. Trust your inner feelings and allow yourself to create what is sacred and meaningful to you. Explore and have fun!

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