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   I am honored and blessed to offer you a selection of Books and CD's that have two common denominators: first they have the potential to assist you on the path of "knowing one's own mind", and two- they can uplift and transform your consciousness.


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   Now, I only list books, tapes, CD's, and videos that are in my OWN library and archives. In this way you can rest assured that I have familiarity with that which I recommend. There will be recommendations on certain items in our catalog. The recommendations will be quick and to the point, not a long-winded dissertation on the title / item in question. The library and archives I refer to are also associated with the resources of the Reiki Foundation of which I am the Director of the East Coast Office.

   Asunam's Buddhist Resources Store has a clear and definite emphasis on Buddhism, particularly Japanese Esoteric Buddhism. We will, as time continues, feature books, tapes, and CD's on Japanese Creative expression, Mandara / Mandalas, holistic wellness modalities, development of higher consciousness and related subject matter and disciplines.

   If there is something you desire on Japanese Esoteric Buddhism and/or Buddhism in general, but don't see it here - and it seems to not be available through our gracious associates AMAZON.COM; please E-MAIL ME and I'll see if I can locate it through my specialized book search network.

   We honor the Buddha that you are in the process of manifesting!

Domo Arigato!




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