Crystals - Quartz Crystal

Crystal Points

     These are singly terminated Quartz Crystal points ranging in size from " to several inches in length; some are as large as 9 or 10 inches. They are the terminated points of massive clusters that grow underground, and are usually broken off during the mining process. Crystal points have many applications. They can be used to enhance meditations, direct energy to help clear chakras*, for healing, to form Crystal Water*, and can also be used in gridworks*. As is the case in working with all Quartz Crystals in a specific way, your focus and intent are most important.

Double Terminated Crystal Points

     Double Terminated Quartz Crystals are very special, and extremely powerful - due to the fact they present an ability to transmit and absorb energy in both directions through each of its two terminations. These Quartz Crystal could be considered "perfect", in that they are complete unto themselves by being terminated at both ends. When placed over chakras* in a healing session they will help to harmonize and integrate the energy within each chakra. They're excellent to utilize in body layouts to bridge energies, or rebalance constricted energy, that may be inhibiting a healthy flow of energy that would denote wellness. The Double terminated Crystal Point seems to create a "contained" vortex that will filter out the dynamics that create imbalance; thus allowing a natural balance or renewal of health to be established.

Quartz Crystal Clusters

     Clusters are a group of Quartz Crystal Points living together in a common matrix that they have grown/formed upon. They seem to exude an energetic feeling of harmony, peace and cooperation. They can charge and cleanse each other due to the sharing of the same matrix, as well as amplifying each other by bathing one another in their energy. Clusters are said to emanate light, energy, and love to the entire area in which they are placed. It is said, "they represent the evolved community, each member being individually perfect and unique, yet sharing a common ground - a common truth with all others. As gifts, they are wonderful to give to anyone - especially for those environments and people that are in need of the spirit of cooperation and harmony.

Record Keeper Quartz Crystals

     Record Keepers, are believed to hold information and/or records of knowledge from many ancient culture that are long gone from our collective memory. It is believed that some of the information may date back to the "seeding" of this planet by our fellow celestial relatives, and/or possibly from the Atlanteans and Lemurians. The programming that they may hold, could perhaps assist the inhabitants of our present day earth to move more quickly towards the enlightenment that we seem to be in so desperate need of. This data may include the planets' "pre-history", technology not yet developed, etc.

According to what is known about these unusual specimens, only those of purified and developed spirituality can access what is contained within them. This was done by design, so that lesser individuals cannot misuse the knowledge contained within. These Quartz Crystals can be identified by a small perfect triangle (pyramid shape) etched into one of the facets of the termination.


     Generators are considered "power pieces" and should be used with the utmost care and respect. When a generator is "set-up" properly, its potential is unleashed to open an energetic beam of light than expands exponentially to the etheric planes. This would enable a group of like-minded individuals with a positive, life-enhancing purpose, to work with an intensity of universal life/light energy that would assist in magnifying their intent many times over. Positive altruistic focuses are the only thought/intent that should be utilized in conjunction with this type of Crystal. Misuse of such a powerful tool can easily result in devastating karmic repercussions. It is not something to be used with selfishness or egocentricity. There are smaller generator types that can be used for personal growth and development in personal meditations.

Tabular Quartz Crystal Points

     Tabular Quartz Crystals are similar to Double Terminated Quartz Points, in that they can be powerful in the correct setting. They are also, like the Double Terminated, many times found fully grown (formed) in soft clay areas in the earth that allow them to terminate at both ends. Tabulars in shape and appearance are usually flat, with the two opposite sides being wider than the rest. The Tabular's special energetic characteristics lie in transmitting energy from one end to the other while equalizing and uniting the two energies through its common body. They are often used in the practice of telepathic communications, such as when one person projects a thought form into the Tabular, to later be retrieved by another person who will work with the crystal. They are also known to assist in accessing what is termed our "higher self."

Quartz Crystal Spheres

     These special tools are known to potent due to the fact that the crystalline energy that emanates from them, does so in a 360 degree pattern. Therefore it advised that only an individual who has arrived at having a very disciplined and focused mind work with them. If one is unprepared to handle the energy by being able to harness it with their consciousness, then they might find some somewhat unsettling experiences by interacting with a sphere. They are also known to be used in the practice of "scrying", otherwise called "crystal gazing." This is using a sphere to see into other dimensions and parallel realities that may exist, as well as seeking a look into potentialities yet to manifest in this world.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal

     Herkimer Diamonds are a special breed of Quartz Crystal found in Herkimer NY. They own their name to the fact that they resemble diamonds in their outward appearance, especially when found in "pockets" where they are in small size and quite numerous. They are often double terminated, and many times are triple or quadrupled terminated with other growing off the sides. Herkimer's seem to possess a subtle high frequency, and are slightly harder than other types of Quartz. Herkimer's have been known to greatly enhance dream state activity, and the recall of what took place in the dream state. For that reason, many people sleep with Herkimer's, as it helps to connect their conscious state with the "dream state."

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