The Four Noble Truths
The Noble Truth Of Sufferings
The Noble Truth of the Cause Of Sufferings
The Noble Truth of the End Of Sufferings
The Noble Truth of the Path Leading To The End Of Sufferings


1.     The Truth of Suffering (Dukkha)

        As a synonym for the bond of earthly existence and not being freed from the chain of rebirth.  Birth is suffering sickness is suffering, old age is suffering, death is suffering.  Association with what is unpleasant is suffering, disassociation from what is unpleasant is suffering.  PAIN, GRIEF, SORROW, LAMENTATION AND DESPAIR are suffering.  Not to obtain what one wants is suffering.  In short, the five factors of individuality are suffering.

2.     The Truth of Arising / Origin of of Suffering (Samudaya)

        It is the thirst or craving (tanha) which gives rise to rebirth, which is bound up with passionate delight and which seeks fresh pleasure here, now, and there in the form of (1) thirst for existence, (2) thirst for sensual pleasure, (3) thirst for no-existence.  Additionally ignorance (lack of knowledge), aversion, seeking to possess.

3.     The truth of Cessation / Elimination of Suffering (Nirodha)

        The utter cessation of craving (tanha), the withdrawal from it, the rejection of it, liberation from it, non-attachment to it.   Thus, the loss of "things" substituted for "oneness" and/or enlightenment (peace).

4.     The Truth of the Path / The Dharma Path / The Eightfold Path

       a. Right Understanding
         b. Right Resolve / Right Attitude of Mind
         c. Right Speech
         d. Right Action
         e. Right Livelihood / Right Conduct
         f.  Right Effort
         g. Right Mindfulness / Right Attention
         h. Right Meditation


This class will begin in a workshop / study format, wherein participants will be led into an investigation of how these teachings can be understood and utilized in a concrete manner and applied to their life.

DATES & LOCATIONS: This course is part of the Basics in Buddhism Training.
Dates to be announced. The training will be held at Somers, NY.
Registration & Information: (845) 278-3038

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