Nancy Urvants "Spirit Art"

The Magical Artwork of Nancy Urvant

Preliminary Note of Reserved Rights

     To all that visit this page, first, know that the copyrights to all these images are held by Ms. Nancy Urvant, they cannot be reproduced or used in any manner (including websites).  Without her express written consent. We have made special arrangements to present these images to you. All communications regarding these images should be sent to Thank you for your cooperation.

A Personal introduction to the Art and Artist: Nancy Urvant

     The artwork of Nancy Urvant stands alone in my mind as some of the most creatively inspired work I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Nancy is simply one of the most amazing people I've ever known - truly an artist's artist. She is incredible to watch as she allows the divine to flow through her.  I can say these things about her, having been trained myself at the prestigious High School of Art and Design in N.Y., the School of Visual Arts, as well as having been accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I have been acquainted with talented people in many of the arts all my life, but Nancy is extremely unique.

     Nancy never attended a formal art school. Creativity just flows out of her as beautifully and as effortlessly as rainbows appear in our imaginations. Her work has an innocence, freshness, and sincerity that is usually only seen in children.  Nancy's talents are only glimpsed in the gallery we have been privileged to present here.

     She created sculptures, fully hand painted, made of paper mache' that held incredible beauty. In addition, she created chess sets that were exquisite. They were also of paper mache', hand painted, and towered one foot tall. As she continued to develop her artistry she progressed into sculpting in clay. Nancy designed what seemed to be Mayan influenced incense burners, vases, and small sculptures that would engage the viewer to literally FEEL the ancient source of her creativity.

     Another significant point is that, up until people began to say "they look sort of Mayan", Nancy had NO IDEA that they did look influenced by the artisans of that time and civilization. She simply did what came quite natural in her own creative flow. 

     Nancy is, and has always been, a very special friend indeed. 

     So, it is with great admiration, honor, and immense pleasure that I present to you the "Nancy Urvants Spirit of the Mayan". I am sure the Mayans would be pleased by the energy Nancy has somehow magically conveyed; reminiscent of an age long gone - yet here now - for all of us to enjoy, experience, and learn from.

-  Asunam, your curator

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"Creators at Play"




"Something to think about"




"Planet Woman"



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