Introduction to Buddhas & Bodhisattvas Page Three

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     The universe in its' ultimate form, totality, and reality is called Dainichi Nyorai or Mahavairocana. The name Mahavairocana means "Great Shining One" which translates into Japanese as Dainichi Nyorai; meaning "Great Sun Buddha". Dainichi Nyorai is literally everywhere and is .... everything. All the other Buddha's and Bodhisattvas are various emanations or aspects of Dainichi. The many Buddha's and Bodhisattvas hold distinct, yet overlapping fields of energy, that are Dainichi's love, compassion, wisdom, and other activities. If you revere and/or worship any particular Buddha, you are perfectly worshipping Dainichi and if you revere and/or worship Dainichi, you are worshipping any of his Buddha's and Bodhisattvas.

     Dainichi Nyorai is the central figure in both the Kongo-kai (Vajradhatu) and Taizo-kai (Gharbadhatu) Mandaras (Mandalas). The two aspects of Dainichi's existence -his Teachings and the Understanding of them, is called in Japanese "Ri" (the principle / reason) and "Chi" (wisdom). A Buddhist follower aspiring to manifest his or her full Buddha potential must possess both of these to perfection. One may consider this as static Wisdom and it's active Application. Wisdom, to be truly alive and vibrant, must have Application. Without Application, Wisdom remains useless, no matter what the best intentioned energies. Consequently both these aspects of the Absolute - Understanding and it's Application must be made part of our own lives, if we ever hope to achieve anything of value in life.

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