Specific Gemstones & Gemstone Families

Malachite - All Chakras, especially Solar Plexus

    Malachite is found in various shades of green and is mined in the US, Russia, Australia, and Africa. It is one of the oldest known stones, and has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. Malachite can assist in grounding higher energies into the more mundane planes of existence. Individuals sometimes experience it helping in the self-purification process; as it can act like a mirror in revealing the truth about the self.

    The deep green color of Malachite is associated with the physical plane. Due to its energetic trait of absorbing energy, it is a good stone to utilize on any diseased or painful area of the body. It seems to aid in tissue regeneration and draws out any adverse energies. Thus, it is important to cleanse this stone often.

Copper - The Five lower Chakras

    The five lower Chakras are aligned with this stone, and in addition - Copper opens the heart center. This can create total awareness of the self and generates a capacity for tremendous psycho-spiritual self-confidence and growth. Energetically speaking, Copper is highly conductive and also activates the body's electro-magnetic properties. Copper also helps individuals to accomplish amplification of thought forms. Physiologically it is believed that Copper helps all forms of rheumatism, arthritis, and disorders of the intestinal tract. Copper also strengthens the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Copper increases flexibility of bone tissue such as ligaments, cartilages, and tendons. This can aid in the prevention of injury for those who are athletes.

The Tourmaline Family of Gemstones

General Tourmaline Notes:

    Tourmaline comes in various colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Bi-Colored and Tri-Colored. It is mined in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, US, and Russia. Almost all Tourmaline exhibit striations on the exterior of the stone. These stones also seem to demonstrate a pronounced energetic action beyond many other stones.

Pink Tourmaline (also called Rubellite) - 4th Chakra

    This stone corresponds to the 4th / Heart Chakra. It is one of the heart Chakra trinity; Rose Quartz and Pink Kunzite being the other two. This stone is the giver of love in the material realm. Its action completes the work started by Rose Quartz and Pink Kunzite. It helps to transform old fears, negativity, and insecurities that hold one back from opening the heart Chakra more fully.

Blue Tourmaline (also called Indicolite) - 5th Chakra

    Blue Tourmaline activates and helps to clear the throat Chakra. It can assist the lungs, thyroid, and parasympathetic nervous system by balancing them. It becomes even more active energetically when utilized in conjunction with Green Tourmaline. The Green Tourmaline seems to help magnify/amplify the properties of Blue Tourmaline.

Green Tourmaline (also called Verdelite) - 4th Chakra

    Green Tourmaline is a powerful healing stone on all levels. It purifies and strengthens the nervous system, and helps it grow to accommodate higher quantities of light/life force energy. Green Tourmaline opens the heart at the level of unconditional love, as well as helping to regenerate the heart physically and etherically. The thymus, ductless glands and the immune system are also supported by the energies of this stone. It is a stone that can work alone in its power, and works well with other gemstones as well.

Black Tourmaline - (also called "Schorl") - 1st Chakra

    Black Tourmaline corresponds directly to the Base/Root Chakra. All diseases that are related to the Base Chakra such as arthritis, dyslexia, syphilis, heart diseases, and all adrenal disorders can be assisted by this stone. Black Tourmaline is a good stone for "grounding", and one of its notable attributes seems to be its ability to deflect negativity away from the area where it resides. This would also apply to the person who might wear this gemstone. It is thought to prevent negative energies from entering into the auric field - while also serving to negate or resolve the negative energy that might develop in its wearer.

Bi-Color and Tri-Color-

    These Tourmaline's, sometime referred to as "Watermelon" Tourmaline, carry the combined dynamics of those Tourmaline's already described.

Rhodochrosite - 4th Chakra

    Rhodochrosite is a mineral found in Argentina, France, the US, and Russia. This stone blends the colors of pink and orange to produce a salmon-like color. Orange is the color associated with the 2nd Chakra. Pink is also one of the vibrations of the Heart Chakra. Rhodochrosite is the interface that bridges the three upper Chakras and the three lower Chakras. It helps to integrate the spiritual and physically oriented energies, stimulating a cohesive flow between them. This flow opens up the key point of the solar plexus, which is the seat of power and emotions. When this Chakra is constricted, the harmonization between the upper and lower Chakras is hampered, which impairs the growth of one into spiritual and physical balance. This mineral positively energizes the kidney, spleen, and pancreas when it is placed upon them. A strengthening of the ability to handle life, and an increase in confidence are also by-products of this stone.

Turquoise - 5th Chakra

    Turquoise is found in the US, France, Tibet, and the Mid-East. The stone's blue / green colors are master enhancers in the color spectrum. Turquoise is thought to strengthen and tone the entire body. It aids in circulatory and respiratory functions, and is a powerful protector against environmental pollutants. It enhances peace of mind and joy. Better communication skills can be developed with the assistance of this stone, and it seems to inspire happiness, joy, and friendship among people.

Fluorite - 6th Chakra

    Fluorite is mined in the US, Switzerland, China, Italy, and Brazil. It comes in various colors: yellow, blue, purple, green, and clear/white. It is known as the "genius stone", since it helps to integrate higher wisdom/knowledge energies with intellectual acumen and knowledge. It is here to help us arrive at integrating the physical and spiritual worlds, into everyday life - how to remain spiritual while functioning in the material world. It is believed that Fluorite increases the electrical charge of the brain cells, which in turn brings more life force into the brain, which in turn, helps to expand the consciousness. It also seems to assist individuals in being able to concentrate more clearly, and for longer periods of time, without difficulty.

Amethyst - 6th Chakra

    Amethyst is a violet/purple colored quartz variation. It is a form of quartz that is quite abundant, and usually is easily affordable. Spiritually, it is primarily a 6th Chakra stone. It helps one to achieve an accelerated access to the higher self and enhances the meditative state. In addition, the calming effect that it stimulates is extremely useful for those under stress or who are subject to burnout from overwork. The violet/purple color is the color of transformation. This transforming energy helps one when they are beginning to walk on their spiritual path.

It helps an individual to attune to the "Source" of all things on a spiritual level. On a physiological level, this stone stimulates the right brain (intuitive/creative center), and the pineal and pituitary glands. The 6th Chakra and 4th Chakra are activated in a synchronistic manner. Amethyst can be worn anywhere on the body since it universally seems to stimulate all energy meridians and acupressure points.

Garnet - 2nd Chakra

    Garnet is mined in the US, So. Africa, Tanzania, Zaire, and Brazil. The most common kind of Garnet is deep red in color, and is called Rhodolite. The stone energetically supports the heart, kidney, thyroid, and liver. It is an excellent stone to use when seeking to clear imbalances related to the 2nd Chakra. Garnet seems to help people process through sexual-related issues, and in addition can also assist in releasing the natural creative energy held in that area. It helps channel the vital life force (Chi'/Ki) through one's emotional center in a balanced and appropriate way. It can also stimulate the life force energy to bring about a burst of physical energy when one is feeling a bit tired and weary.

Smokey Quartz - 1st Chakra

    Smokey Quartz is found in the US, Brazil, Switzerland, and Africa. The coloration of this stone is caused by carbon, iron, and titanium finding its way into the Quarts as it is still forming in the molten state. Exposure to the earth's natural radiation also causes its smokey color. The natural Smokey Quartz is one of the most brilliant dark stones found. It ranks "first" in its ability to contain the highest amount of light force in a black color. It is also translucent, in that it allows light through it. This stone energetically acts to allow the white light energy of the Crown Chakra to be sent downward into the Root or 1st Chakra. This processing of grounding the energy into the 1st Chakra empowers an individual on the physical plane. It also tends to purify the energies of the 1st Chakra, thus elevating them to a higher level - instead of allowing those energies to be focused inappropriately towards only self-gratification.

It is an excellent stone for "grounding" and helps to neutralize "spacey-ness." It also assists individuals who are emotionally depressed, as it dissolves the energy patterns of negativity. Using a Smokey in your meditations will help to eliminate unclear or harmful thought forms as well. The meridians and nadis are also aligned through the use of this stone, and therefore it is excellent for drawing Chi/Ki energy into the body.

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