The Eightfold Path / The Dharma Path

PANNA - Wisdom, insight that purifies the mind.

1.    Right Understanding (Right View)

        Seeing reality through eyes of Clarity, not through the eyes of illusion.  Meaning, not seeing things as we would like them, or want them to be, but as they are.  Yet knowing that the spiritual world is the actual world of reality, which can manifest is the guise of the physical world.

2.    Right Resolve (Right Thoughts)

       Thoughts remain, but the pattern of thinking changes from thirst/craving and aversion TO compassion, generosity, goodwill, higher realms of unconditional love.

SILA - Morality - abstaining from unwholesome action of speech and body.

3.    Right Speech

        Being careful for what we say, realizing that words are indeed the sharpest of swords, that can cut both ways; uplifting or tearing apart.  Thus, no lying, backbiting, slander or idle chatter (gossip).

4.    Right Action

        This encompasses the area of "right motivation" or why, what, when and how we do it.   How does something serve?  Is it helpful?   Is it harmful?  To others?  To myself?  To humanity?  The smaller affect and the greater affect taken into account.  Encompassed within this is no intoxication, no stealing, no cheating no harm done to others.  Respecting the rights of all life forms.

5.    Right Livelihood (Right Conduct)

       Earning your living honestly.  Are you being true to yourself and others as you conduct your business?  Is this the best effort you can give at this time?  Is this what I am best suited to do?  Am I in this just for the money?

SAMADHI - Developing mastery over one's mind

6.    Right Effort

        Gaining responsible control over one's thoughts and cultivating a positive state of mind.  Filtering out, on a conscious, all thoughts and things that are not uplifting and edifying.  Development of wholesome qualities.

7.    Right Mindfulness/Attention/Thought

        Cultivation of constant "awareness".  Being, living, awareness of the moment - at the highest level, to the highest degree as to how one can live in that moment at the optimum.

8.    Right Meditation

        Development of the deepest levels of the mind and mental calm through various techniques which concentrate/train the mind towards deeper integration of the "higher self" personality and the "lower self" personality.  Thus, the true "burning away" and purification of the undesirable aspects of the self, leaving you, along with the implementation of the already stated practices, "as refined as gold".


        - Do Not Commit Any Unwholesome Act

        - Perform Only Wholesome, Virtuous Actions

        - Subdue Your Mind

        - Know That This Is The Teaching Of The Enlightened Ones


This class will be a workshop / study format that will examine the concepts and practices that will assist in the embodiment and living of this path.  There will be specific meditations given as tools for development and cultivation of this embodiment process.

DATES & LOCATIONS: This course is part of the Basics in Buddhism Training.
Dates will be announced. The training will be at Somers, NY
Registration & Information: (845) 278-3038

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